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What Is A Reverse Auction? One Word - Dubli. — What Is A Reverse Auction?

What is a Reverse Auction?

Believe it or not, Reverse Auctions have been around approximately 2,500 years.  The modern version started to form in the late 1990s as the Internet became more popular, but it was really more focused on procurement and business to business.

Today, when somebody has heard all the buzz asking what a Reverse Auction is, they are typically talking about Dubli.

An Auction Where Prices Go...DOWN?

An Auction Where Prices Go...DOWN?

I stumbled across Dubli awhile ago when I was trying to save money shopping online.  Somebody told me about how the bids go DOWN instead of up and what a great business model it was, and wanted me to “get involved.”

Honestly, all I cared about was saving money when I shopped online!

These are a few of the items that have sold in this killer online reverse auction recently:

  • An Apple iPod for $1.80?
  • A Sony VAIO Notebook for $3.25?
  • A brand new BMW 116i car for $759.00?

Once I saw those kinds of savings, I was hooked.  Now don’t get me wrong - I’m not saying that you’ll buy everything at those kinds of prices - after all, it is an auction, right?

That is why I think it is key to go check it out for yourself to see what it is about.  I’ll even give you 10 free Dubli credits (an $8.00 value) to get started.

The Dubli concept started similar to eBay, but with a brilliant twist.  Its growth in Europe (where it started) has already surpassed eBay back when it was initially introduced.  Now that Dubli is bringing its amazing Reverse Auction concept to the U.S., it is expected to grow even faster.

Due to the one-of-a-kind site that Dubli has created, customers will recommend these fun reverse auctions to their friends and loved ones - especially if they get to buy something like that BMW for $759.00!

Yeah, so that all sounds great, right?  But I bet you still want to know…

What Is A Reverse Auction?!!!

The two different types of Reverse Auctions are discussed below.


Buy when the price is right...

Buy when the price is right...

Dubli Xpress is a cool concept - the auction ends at any time when somebody decides that the “price is right” and purchases the item.  The starting price is displayed, but the current price is hidden while the auction is underway.  Each credit you use will reveal the current price, allowing you the possibility of buying it right then and there, or pressing your luck to get it cheaper.  If you want it…don’t hesitate for too long or somebody else will grab the item before you do.

Unique Bid

The lowest unique bid gets the item at that price!

The lowest unique bid gets the item at that price!

In this Reverse Auction, the item is only shown for a limited time.  You can bid using increments of $0.25, either one at a time, or a whole range of bid amounts.  Remember, you have to be the lowest bidder AND the only bidder that has offered that price to get the item.

For a quick example, if you bid $1.50 for the item, with other bids like the following:

  • 3 bids @ $0.25
  • 4 bids @ $0.50
  • 2 bids @ $0.75
  • 6 bids @$1.00
  • 3 bids @ $1.25
  • 1 bid @ $1.50 (you)
  • 2 bids @ $1.75
  • 1 bid @ $2.00

…then you would be awarded the item because you had the only bid at the lowest amount of $1.50

Why Not Try It Out On Me…For Free…With No Obligation?!

I believe so strongly in this concept that I’ll give you a couple free Dubli credits to go try out the reverse auction at the Dubli site.  Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to get something at a fraction of its normal price, or even for free?  (I don’t want to mislead you - depending on the item, you might still have to pay shipping charges, which are reasonable and not marked up).

To get started, simply click on the link below, enter your information so I know where to email the voucher, and start shopping!

Give Me My Free Dubli Credits Now

Of course, if you have any questions or problems feel free to contact me at any time.

Oh and as you see on this site, I am involved on the profit-sharing side as one of the Dubli Independent Distributors.  I don’t want to hide that from you, but I also don’t want to shove it down your throat like everybody else is doing.

Let me be very clear:  You do not have to be a distributor to use and enjoy the Dubli website - period.

There is no pressure - if you ever decide to look into that side, great.  But, I’d rather have you sell yourself on the concept after you use it, and take that step only when and if it ever comes.

My goal on this site is to give you straightforward, topical, current Dubli info - and help you any way I can.  So, check back often to see new Dubli Blog posts or subscribe to the blog for lots of good hype-free Dubli information with no arm-twisting.

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